Twilight Hour

As night descends within the twilight hour
Crickets sing songs full of joy and power
Above the trees looms a dark cloud so dour
Giving to Earth a much needed shower

Quick flashes of white and sound fill the night
Creatures take cover and hide from the might
The wind rushes by each wight holding tight
Natures creations enduring the fight

The storm now over although it was brief
Each creature now breathes a sigh of relief
Unforeseen forces break in like a thief
Nature is saying that she is the chief

The rain subsides a fresh scent fills the air
The land now quenched life hums without care
A night of fete given for each to share
Crickets again sing with gusto and flare

Author: JB

Wife, mother, novice writer, and friend to a select few. Graduated from FHHS, Mizzou, and Lincoln Tech. I hope people enjoy my writings. Currently living in Texas and awaiting the day I can return to Missouri.

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