Outside In

Standing on the outside looking in
It’s clear to see that no one will win
In the past we’ve committed much sin
It’s easy to see just where we’ve been

The future is not quite crystal clear
Riots in the streets fill us with fear
Police strike out in full riot gear
Racial division reigns far and near

Rioters destroy their neighborhoods
They ransack and loot all that was good
Burning and havoc just ‘cause they could
Police shoot rioters as they would

How can we survive with this unrest
Everyone thinking that they know best
Filling the streets in righteous protest
Coming together, that is the test

We must treat all men as a brother
Each life lost brings pain to their mother
This is our world, we have no other
As it is said: Love One Another

Without love our world will fail
War, riots, and fighting will prevail
Innocent people thrown into jail
Death and destruction will be our tale

Loving each other is now a must
For if we fail our world will be dust



Author: JB

Wife, mother, novice writer, and friend to a select few. Graduated from FHHS, Mizzou, and Lincoln Tech. I hope people enjoy my writings. Currently living in Texas and awaiting the day I can return to Missouri.

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