Enduring Love

From beyond the darkness she comes
Her black mane flowing to the ground
A sorrowful dirge she softly hums
Faded headstones viewed all around

Silent and orphic she comes forth
Seeking the crypt of her one love
Loudly moaning as she turns north
Ravens caw and circle above

Restless spirits fill the night sky
Her once beating heart cannot rest
Guiding her where he now does lie
With him her head lays on his chest

Circling ravens now take flight
Their task complete she found her one
No more does her dirge fill the night
Her quest now finished, love has won

True love cannot be held by death
It lives on with or without breath

My love for you shall never die
Enduring death and fading sky.

Author: JB

Wife, mother, novice writer, and friend to a select few. Graduated from FHHS, Mizzou, and Lincoln Tech. I hope people enjoy my writings. Currently living in Texas and awaiting the day I can return to Missouri.

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