What should I do to take care of my 50 year-old parents?

What on earth makes you think they will need taking care of when they turn 50?

I think you need to understand that 50 isn’t that old and the vast majority of those age 50+ are quite vibrate and very capable. People begin new careers, climb mountains. go parasailing, you name it and they can do it. Raising a second family, exploring the world. My goodness, once the children have grown and can be on their own these parents begin a new life. Not a better one, just new and different. My husband and I married at the age of 50 and it has been wonderful!

I think what you might want to concern yourself with is … how will I take care of myself when my parents turn 50.

Best wishes 🙂

Author: JB

Wife, mother, novice writer, and friend to a select few. Graduated from FHHS, Mizzou, and Lincoln Tech. I hope people enjoy my writings. Currently living in Texas and awaiting the day I can return to Missouri.

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