The Other Side

The other side of the moon is far.
The other side of the fence is greener.
The other side of today is tomorrow.
The other side of night is day.
The other side of heads is tails.
The other side of birth is death.
Or is it …….

And on and on it goes,  never ceasing.
There is more to the unknown than we see.
The life we know we are only leasing.
Ever seeking and praying to be free.

Free from the mortal chains that bind us.
Striving to see His face in all we view.
Trying to live a good life that is just.
Knowing our lives can be refreshed anew.

Always seek and never doubt His presence.
More than flesh, you are His divine essence.


Author: JB

Wife, mother, novice writer, and friend to a select few. Graduated from FHHS, Mizzou, and Lincoln Tech. I hope people enjoy my writings. Currently living in Texas and awaiting the day I can return to Missouri.

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