Haiku 6-10


Natures sweet silence
Leaves rustling in the wind
Fall is upon us


Warm, fluffy mittens
Recalling a stranger’s smile
Ice skating outdoors


Watching the sun rise
Spider lightning in the sky
An approaching spring storm


Holding a balloon
Scratching a lotto ticket
A day at the fair


Global climate change
Ice caps melting at the poles
Earth cannot survive

Haiku 1-5

Honeysuckle blooms
The smell of a hot, wet dog
A breath of summer

Playing in the snow
Petting my favorite cat
Waiting for the mail

Snuggled together
Telling stories in the dark
Sitting ’round the fire

Eagles soar above
Snow covered aspen pines
Prelude to Christmas

Coffee day and night
Pink and purple elephants
Welcome to my world