Just to imagine if you could
How life could be within His will
To not accept Him as you should
Would surely make your soul feel ill.

To those we meet who’s soul is sour
For those whose life is filled with gloom
Share His light and His great power
Spreading His love will fill the room.

Do not distress your soul and mind
For through His love your Light will shine
Peace, love, and joy His love will bind
Your mind and soul will then align.

Your spiritual health is what’s at stake
Accept His love for it is here to take.


The Lighthouse

In times of despair, I find You are there
The One lighthouse leading me through the storm
Taking my hand You guide me with great care
Wrapped in Your arms I will stay safe and warm.

You are my Rock, my One true safe haven
Giving shelter from those that mean me harm
Saving me on the wings of a raven
Making my enemies cease and disarm.

Through life’s daily strife You are by my side
In battle, You are my sword and my shield
Leading me through I have nothing to hide
My soul shines brightly, my enemies yield.

Thank you my Lord for loving simple me
My soul sings loudly all praises to You
Because of Your love, I know I am free
Praying that all will then seek Your love too.




Some people you meet become instant friends
Sticking with you all the way to the ends
Others you meet are mere acquaintances
Giving you nothing but fake complaisances

Sometimes it is hard to tell which is which
Who will stand by you, who’s going to ditch
Which one you can trust to be at your side
To support and help you, never to chide

If you ever wonder who is your friend
You will know when you need them in the end
A friend will be there loyally at your side
An acquaintance will act as if you died

Choose wisely who you would call a good friend
The pain it could cause might never mend.

Butterflies in My Heart

I thought of you again today
Of how you used to run and play
Bringing joy to me every day
In my heart you will always stay

Our life was not traditional
Two families trying to blend
My love was unconditional
We have many fences to mend

Too many broken promises
Too much time and distance apart
We became doubting Thomas’s
Each of us unsure of how to start

Like butterflies you fluttered away
Never far from home did you stray
I was the one that moved away
I was the one that did not stay

Soon to home I will relocate
We do not know the time or date
This we leave in the hands of fate
Be sure of this; we cannot wait

To my butterflies I must say
I love you more each passing day
In my heart you forever stay
Once home again I will not stray

Self Realizations

I’m not clever or witty. I’m not deeply philosophical. I’m just a person with simple thoughts and opinions on a number of things. I do consider myself reasonably intelligent. I do not always agree with mainstream mores and ideals. I am independent and, for the most part, rational in my logic.

I have been blessed with 4 wonderful children and 8 beautiful grandchildren. I have attended both Tech Schools and College. I have worked in numerous industries. I have been fortunate to have lived in 9 different states, and I have traveled to all the rest except for Alaska. For this reason I believe I am uniquely qualified to talk on a wide variety of topics.

So then, why is it that I have a hard time writing anything? Are my thoughts so random and quick that I cannot focus on any one topic unless I’m specifically asked a question?

Perhaps the idea of putting into written word what I am thinking is hindering me since at times words cannot do justice to what I am really wanting to say. Maybe I’m simply too critical of myself.

Could it be that I fear being judged by others and once written I can’t “explain it away” if others think negatively of what I’ve written?

It would appear that, in my opinion, now that I honestly think about it, I lack the self-confidence to just write and not care what anyone else thinks. Often I explain this pause in my writing to “writers block” but that isn’t what it is at all.

People say I start a lot of projects and never follow through and finish them. If that’s true, then it seems to me I fear and avoid certain situations. For example, I might have to speak in public or be at the front of a room, or even stand to ask a question from an audience. Why do I shy away from being in photographs?

I don’t think I’m exceptionally shy. I have no problem with going out and meeting people as long as it’s on my terms. When I meet new people I’m quiet until I can assess the person and surroundings so that I know what is “safe” to say around them.

I guess what I am saying is ….

Without positive feedback I feel unable to continue any project or writing. For some reason it is important to me to know that what I am doing is being appreciated and enjoyed by others. Let’s face it, most of what we, as individuals, do each day is for someone else and without that acknowledgment we feel it is pointless to continue.

Your Ever-Active Mind

More and more often I find myself lost in what I call “non-thoughts” since I can never pinpoint just where my mind has been. Surely, it had to be somewhere. Right? Is it possible to have long periods of time where your mind literally has nothing on it? I don’t believe so. That being the case, how do I find out what has been keeping my mind occupied?

For instance, I will read a page or chapter of a great book that I’m really enjoying and suddenly realize that I have no clue what I’ve just read. Seems unlikely since I thought I was concentrating on the words on the page, but alas, I couldn’t have been. Right? So where was my mind? I have no conscience thought as to what had me distracted. I can be sitting at the computer or the television and suddenly become aware that I’m not watching the screen at all, I’m staring out into space. Most of those times I am only jolted back to the here and now when someone asks what I’m thinking about or one of my pets come to me. Why? What is out there that had so captured my attention?

When we were children in the classroom, this was called “daydreaming” by our teachers. Was this what was happening? Were we purposely gazing out the window and thinking of other things or was our subconscious taking over and occupying our minds? Better yet, is there a difference? Can this phenomenon be controlled so that we don’t “drift off”? If we cannot control it then why did we, as children, get in trouble when it happened in school?

I am of the opinion that the subconscious never rests and that we are only able to rest our conscious minds through sleep. That is why sleep is so very important for our mental health. However, if you are like me and millions of others, sleep is erratic and sparse at best. Getting more than 2-4 hours sleep at a time is rare. Not having the chance to enter REM sleep and truly resting our minds we over-work both our conscious and subconscious mind. What hazards lay within that I do not know but it surely cannot be healthy.

Perhaps this is the cause of many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, not to mention stress which has a myriad of problems in itself. High blood pressure, heart attack, maybe even diabetes. So then I wonder about the drugs given to alleviate those issues. Perhaps, doctors need to look deeper and resolve their patients sleep deprivation problems and thereby eliminating the need for all those other drugs. Mind altering, mood altering, stabilizing, drugs could be stopped if only we could properly sleep. Sleeping pills aren’t the answer either. I take them and find that they provide only minimal sleep and eventually stop working altogether.

In this new world of ours, we are always plugged-in, tuned-in, and turned-on to constant information which overloads both our conscious and subconscious minds. This makes long term sleep nearly impossible. So, what is the answer? How do we, in this day and age, get the needed 8-10 hours of sleep per night without drugs?

I don’t know the answer to this, I sure hope someone does and that I can find it on the internet as I sit here and surf all night, unable to sleep.