Imagine, if you will, that you are the rain
Free falling from the skies above
Your  journey set in motion by gravity
Cleansing the Earth and renewing life
Refreshing drops of moisture from heaven
All things living take part in this celebration



The Storm

When thunder rolls across the plains
It can send shivers through your veins
Excitement fills your ev’ry thought
Heavenly battles to be fought

Lightning flashes from cloud to ground
Fills the air with a frightful sound
Animals scurry for cover
Waiting while the storm does hover

A sudden burst of rain pours down
Flooding the streets of the small town
Quickly it comes and goes away
Out again comes the sun to stay!


The River

If you’re anxious and hurried
When you’re troubled and worried
When there is no end in sight
This is when you seek His light

Do not let the darkness win
Soon your heart and mind will mend
Turn to Him to ease despair
Your struggles He can repair

Sometimes life can drag you down
Down so low you think you’ll drown
This is when He will step in
Hold you up and help you win

He understands all your needs
He knows your heart and your deeds
By your side He’ll always be
Telling you how to be free

Listen to His soft whispers
Like the current of  rivers
Urging you to go with Him
Helping you to always swim

In His arms you will not sink
Heed His words and take a drink
His love will quench your hearts thirst
Peace with Him when He comes first

Saving Grace

When I think about my life
Of all the toil and the strife
I can’t say I have regret
Life just hasn’t finished yet

When upon my time of death
You I praise with my last breath
You rescued me from life’s storm
Keeping me safe, sound, and warm

Hoping  things I say and do
Show the love I have for You
To bare witness to Your love
Divine imparture from above

Never seeking out glory
Merely telling your story
All praise to You from my heart
From You I will not depart

Thank You, Lord, for saving me
Showing me what I can be
Always with me at my side
Within Your love I’ll abide

Ever seeking to know more
In Your grace I do implore
Teach me Lord, of Your kind ways
In my heart is where You’ll stay

He with us and us with Him
Shows us the world isn’t grim
Each abiding in His love
Soaring on a snow white dove.

Growing Old Together

For my husband….

Staring out the window
Remembering your youth
With no where left to go
A wheelchair now your truth

You think of how you ran
How tall you used to stand
Of how you met your man
And dancing to the band

Not fearing growing old
How strong you used to be
Your face in life was bold
Your body once was free

Now bound into this chair
Thankful for memories
He’s beside you everywhere
Kept as in reverie

You are my dearest friend
Until death do us part
Staying near till the end
You, my love, are my heart

Thank you for loving me
And letting me love you
Our love was meant to be
Until our time is through

I love you with all that I am, now and always.


Walking along the beach with you
You smile and take my hand in yours
I thank the Lord for all you do
Overwhelming joy now occurs

Thank you for making me your wife
You are more than just my husband
For giving me life without strife
You are my best and dearest friend

Years together are passing fast
Golden hair has now turned to gray
I will love you until the last
Our life together happy and gay

Never has there been a love such as yours
With all I am, I’m eternally yours.