What should I do to take care of my 50 year-old parents?

What on earth makes you think they will need taking care of when they turn 50?

I think you need to understand that 50 isn’t that old and the vast majority of those age 50+ are quite vibrate and very capable. People begin new careers, climb mountains. go parasailing, you name it and they can do it. Raising a second family, exploring the world. My goodness, once the children have grown and can be on their own these parents begin a new life. Not a better one, just new and different. My husband and I married at the age of 50 and it has been wonderful!

I think what you might want to concern yourself with is … how will I take care of myself when my parents turn 50.

Best wishes 🙂

Butterflies in My Heart

I thought of you again today
Of how you used to run and play
Bringing joy to me every day
In my heart you will always stay

Our life was not traditional
Two families trying to blend
My love was unconditional
We have many fences to mend

Too many broken promises
Too much time and distance apart
We became doubting Thomas’s
Each of us unsure of how to start

Like butterflies you fluttered away
Never far from home did you stray
I was the one that moved away
I was the one that did not stay

Soon to home I will relocate
We do not know the time or date
This we leave in the hands of fate
Be sure of this; we cannot wait

To my butterflies I must say
I love you more each passing day
In my heart you forever stay
Once home again I will not stray

The Whippoorwill

The lonesome song of the whippoorwill
Breaks the silence of the night so still
With exquisite voice he shows his skill
His want for love he pleads to fulfill

His sweet call echos for miles around
Yearning for his heart to be unbound
Rarely is heard such a lonesome sound
Her call back to him means he was found

Building a strong nest for them to stay
The finest twigs for her he does lay
Inside the nest a layer of soft hay
His lady love is now on her way

Now together they sing their sweet song
No longer lonesome, here she belongs
Before he knew a chick came along
This new family for him can’t be wrong

When whippoorwills call to find their love
They know it comes to them from above
Open your heart to falling in love
Filled with peace like the wings of a dove.

Enduring Love

From beyond the darkness she comes
Her black mane flowing to the ground
A sorrowful dirge she softly hums
Faded headstones viewed all around

Silent and orphic she comes forth
Seeking the crypt of her one love
Loudly moaning as she turns north
Ravens caw and circle above

Restless spirits fill the night sky
Her once beating heart cannot rest
Guiding her where he now does lie
With him her head lays on his chest

Circling ravens now take flight
Their task complete she found her one
No more does her dirge fill the night
Her quest now finished, love has won

True love cannot be held by death
It lives on with or without breath

My love for you shall never die
Enduring death and fading sky.

The Journey

She nears the window to look outside
Recalling the day she was a bride
She was so young when she took those vows
Smiling as they raised quite a few brows

Before too long they had their first child
Becoming parents though they were wild
A beautiful girl to call their own
Never again would she be alone

Another child comes, a handsome boy
Filling their hearts with passion and joy
Together they raised their family
Being parents came naturally

Before long the children went to school
The future world there for them to rule
Seeking new knowledge both day and night
Hoping to save this world from its plight

In the blink of an eye her world changed
Her once complete world now rearranged
The house now empty, the children gone
Her husband now passed, her face is drawn

She sinks back into her preferred chair
With a frail hand she smooths her gray hair
A single tear falls from her blue eyes
Memories soothe her like the blue skies

Closing her eyes, she thinks of her life
Not always easy, sometimes great strife
The passage of time moves all too fast
Before she knew it her time had past.

Haiku 6-10


Natures sweet silence
Leaves rustling in the wind
Fall is upon us


Warm, fluffy mittens
Recalling a stranger’s smile
Ice skating outdoors


Watching the sun rise
Spider lightning in the sky
An approaching spring storm


Holding a balloon
Scratching a lotto ticket
A day at the fair


Global climate change
Ice caps melting at the poles
Earth cannot survive

Haiku 1-5

Honeysuckle blooms
The smell of a hot, wet dog
A breath of summer

Playing in the snow
Petting my favorite cat
Waiting for the mail

Snuggled together
Telling stories in the dark
Sitting ’round the fire

Eagles soar above
Snow covered aspen pines
Prelude to Christmas

Coffee day and night
Pink and purple elephants
Welcome to my world