The River

If you’re anxious and hurried
When you’re troubled and worried
When there is no end in sight
This is when you seek His light

Do not let the darkness win
Soon your heart and mind will mend
Turn to Him to ease despair
Your struggles He can repair

Sometimes life can drag you down
Down so low you think you’ll drown
This is when He will step in
Hold you up and help you win

He understands all your needs
He knows your heart and your deeds
By your side He’ll always be
Telling you how to be free

Listen to His soft whispers
Like the current of  rivers
Urging you to go with Him
Helping you to always swim

In His arms you will not sink
Heed His words and take a drink
His love will quench your hearts thirst
Peace with Him when He comes first


Lost, alone, sad, and forsaken
Walking through this life all alone
Traveling the road less taken
Coming from me a soft, low moan
My spirit began to waken
The need in my heart clearly shown
My faith is ever unshaken
I know He sits upon His throne.

Never alone when in a crowd
He is with me all the time now
I wish to sing His praise aloud
To follow Him, my sacred vow.


Just to imagine if you could
How life could be within His will
To not accept Him as you should
Would surely make your soul feel ill.

To those we meet who’s soul is sour
For those whose life is filled with gloom
Share His light and His great power
Spreading His love will fill the room.

Do not distress your soul and mind
For through His love your Light will shine
Peace, love, and joy His love will bind
Your mind and soul will then align.

Your spiritual health is what’s at stake
Accept His love for it is here to take.



Evil casts shadows upon this world each day
At nighttime the shadows are harder to see
It’s plain to see the demons are here to stay
There is One hope for all that we can be free

Facing head on a world of evil intent
Embracing this One hope so you will be safe
Secure in the knowledge of righteousness sent
Covering you like armor with an agrafe

Staring defiantly into the abyss
My soul emits light that penetrates the dark
Nothing remains hidden, there’s nothing amiss
My spirit is safe as it bares my Lord’s mark


For every season;
there is a reason.
For every question;
there is an answer.
For every new life;
there is salvation.
When you open your heart then you will see…
What each of us was truly meant to be.

He dwells within each of us, one by one
Can you hear Him whispering to your soul?
Offering hope with each new rising sun.
Giving each a chance to be one and whole.



I am amazed how long it took
At all the years that I spent lost
For me to find Your precious book.
Unaware of the pricey cost.

Once found I had to have a look
In from the cold and chilling frost
Read daily from my cozy nook.
I now am found, no longer lost.


The Lighthouse

In times of despair, I find You are there
The One lighthouse leading me through the storm
Taking my hand You guide me with great care
Wrapped in Your arms I will stay safe and warm.

You are my Rock, my One true safe haven
Giving shelter from those that mean me harm
Saving me on the wings of a raven
Making my enemies cease and disarm.

Through life’s daily strife You are by my side
In battle, You are my sword and my shield
Leading me through I have nothing to hide
My soul shines brightly, my enemies yield.

Thank you my Lord for loving simple me
My soul sings loudly all praises to You
Because of Your love, I know I am free
Praying that all will then seek Your love too.