What is the advantage of colonizing Mars before we colonize the Moon?

Why does it seem like NASA and SpaceX are more interested in Mars than the Moon? What does Mars offer beyond a challenge?

Sophia de Tricht, Co-founder and CEO of Pleiades Aerospace Services
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*rubs temples* Y’all are giving me a migraine with this…

Okay, sit down a minute. We’re going to talk it out.

Literally, and I mean literally literally, the only advantage to colonizing Mars before the Moon is that it stands a better chance of gaining broad support (funding issue) because we’ve never been there.

That’s it. Other than that, it’s a reckless idea bordering on homi/suicidal. Mars is a long way away, and we haven’t left LEO in coming up on 50 years. The moon is relatively very close, three days using Apollo era trajectories and tolerances. If I were the safety representative in a pitch meeting where you tried to sell me going to Mars instead of the moon, the first thing I’m going to do is ask you about your mid-course abort scenarios and watch your presentation break in half and sink like the mother-effing Titanic. I’d come to the meeting wearing a jacket with my kill count on it. Little crossed out rockets. If I get to five, I’m an ace.

The Moon is fine. There’s a lot we don’t know about the Moon, yet. We still haven’t been into the caves, at all. We still haven’t summited any of her peaks. We don’t know how to grow things on the moon, although it should be extremely doable. There’s enough to keep us busy on the moon for centuries and if something goes wrong, you can still recover your people. If something goes wrong on the way to Mars, you’re all dead.

The Nature of Black Holes

If you believe in the truth that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, then you must believe that white holes exist. This simple but profound thought opens a world of ideas.

If a black hole consumes everything that enters it, then you must also believe that somewhere there is a white hole that expels everything.  So then I asked myself, where would this white hole be and what could it possibly expel.

What if white holes are equal and opposite black holes. Like a magnet with a positive and a negative side. Then you could assume that white holes are exactly opposite the black hole … like two ends of a straw.  This would mean that everything that was consumed by the black hole is eventually expelled from the white hole.  The continuation of everything. What an eye-opener this was.

So falling into a black hole would be like falling into a gigantic wormhole! Makes you wonder where it would put you when you came out the other side. Is this how “aliens” are able to visit from far off galaxies? Would we eventually be able to explore beyond our own galaxy quickly and efficiently? That would be amazing!

Alas, black holes are greatly feared and these simple but logical questions will likely never be answered. Sure makes you wonder though, huh?

Earth and Mars

While gazing at the stars tonight
You will see a distant red light
This one small star is always there
Once full with life it now is bare
The how and why now seems clear
The sun destroyed its atmosphere
We sent a rover to the sight
What we saw was a profound plight
Hoping to learn this planets past
We hope the Earths own die isn’t cast

Forests now vanish without care
Helping destroy our ozone layer
Global warming rising each day
Ice caps melt for they cannot stay
Sea creatures stranded on the sand
Currents warmer now further inland
We use coal as a means of fuel
Setting in motion an ugly duel
Fracking for oil and new pipelines
Causing more problems are the signs
Earth cannot survive at this rate
Congress needs to unseal this fate

Solar power in abundance
Yet we use coal as our substance