Evil casts shadows upon this world each day
At nighttime the shadows are harder to see
It’s plain to see the demons are here to stay
There is One hope for all that we can be free

Facing head on a world of evil intent
Embracing this One hope so you will be safe
Secure in the knowledge of righteousness sent
Covering you like armor with an agrafe

Staring defiantly into the abyss
My soul emits light that penetrates the dark
Nothing remains hidden, there’s nothing amiss
My spirit is safe as it bares my Lord’s mark

What is one thing that a child said to you that you never expected a child to say?

Jo Eberhardt, Mother of two

When my son was 4 years old, we were lying down together so he could have a nap. He’d been quiet and still for a few minutes, so I assumed he’d gone to sleep. Suddenly he said: “Mummy, if I die before you do, I’m just going to wait until you die and then get born again and grow up so you can be my Mummy again next time.”

“Really, Sweetie?” I asked, feeling both touched by the depth of his love, and a little freaked out by the unexpected topic.

“Yes,” he said, snuggling closer to me. “Just like I did last time.”

The Nature of Black Holes

If you believe in the truth that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, then you must believe that white holes exist. This simple but profound thought opens a world of ideas.

If a black hole consumes everything that enters it, then you must also believe that somewhere there is a white hole that expels everything.  So then I asked myself, where would this white hole be and what could it possibly expel.

What if white holes are equal and opposite black holes. Like a magnet with a positive and a negative side. Then you could assume that white holes are exactly opposite the black hole … like two ends of a straw.  This would mean that everything that was consumed by the black hole is eventually expelled from the white hole.  The continuation of everything. What an eye-opener this was.

So falling into a black hole would be like falling into a gigantic wormhole! Makes you wonder where it would put you when you came out the other side. Is this how “aliens” are able to visit from far off galaxies? Would we eventually be able to explore beyond our own galaxy quickly and efficiently? That would be amazing!

Alas, black holes are greatly feared and these simple but logical questions will likely never be answered. Sure makes you wonder though, huh?