Harry’s Hamster Haven had the healthiest hay in Harrisburg
Hannah Hastings had a handful of happy hopping hamsters
Hearing her hamsters holler hungrily Hannah huffed heavily
Hannah heaved the hamsters in a huge hutch for safe-harbor
Hopping on her horse Herbie, Hannah hotfooted to Harry’s Hamster Haven
Hastening home Hannah harnessed the hay in Herbie’s handy handbag
Hannah heralded her homecoming with a humongous howl
The happy hamsters devoured the hay hungrily.







Billy Burke

Big Billy Burke began to bake at Bob’s Bistro near the big billowing bull at Bud’s Beef at Baxter mall in Billings.

Big Billy baked the bread for the brunch that Bonnie Berry would blanket with bologna for the best buyers at Bob’s Bistro in Billings.

Big Billy and Bonnie Berry became best buddies while baking the breads and began to bellow out ballads while they baked.

After baking, Big Billy and Bonnie Berry sat down and binged on a bologna bomber with the fresh baked bread that Big Billy baked.



Hannah Hawkins

Hannah Hawkins gave her daughter Holly a handy hat box with a helpful handle to hold her horses hats.

Holly held the hat box by the handle and opened the hasp to see if Hannah had already filled it with hats.

Holly howled with happiness seeing the hundreds of hats that were in her new hat box that Hannah handed her.

Hilda the horse was Holly’s favorite hobby horse with dark hair and heavenly hazel eyes and Holly loved her to wear hats when they went hopping along.

Holly hugged Hannah and hastily went to play on Hilda the horse.  Holly and Hilda were both happily wearing new hats from her new handy hat box.




Tommy Toodles

Tommy Toodles and his pet turtle Terrence live in Tyler Town on the other side of Tango.

Tommy took Terrence the turtle on a tour past the traffic to see the terrific tigers at the new zoo in town.

Tommy stopped to buy a taco at Tonia’s taco stand. Tragically, Tommy lost his taco in Tango.

Turning around near the tall tulips, Tommy and Terrence tiptoed back towards traffic to get Tommy a new taco at Tonia’s taco stand.

Tonia’s taco stand in Tango has the most tantalizing tacos your tastebuds could ever taste.

Tommy saw Terrence tremble and got some extra tomatoes for Terrence to eat while Tommy had his taco.

Happy and full, Tommy and Terrence trekked back to Tyler Town and forgot all about the tigers in Tango and took a tiny nap.